Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thing One and Thing Two

"Why are you participating in 23 Things? What do you hope to learn? What new insights did you have during Thing 1? How does writing on the Internet, knowing anyone could read it, change how you write or feel about writing?"
Good questions.

I want a crash course in these technologies because I am s....l....o....w and have a difficult time keeping up new stuff. I've made a couple of wikis for work, and I have used a few of these 'web 2.0' tools, but for the most part, the whole social networking thing has eluded me until very recently. I actually joined Facebook (which despite claims to the contrary, I am convinced was cooked up by John Poindexter in a dark room in the basement of a secret DARPA outpost). None the less, I have found it useful in keeping up with people, another area in which I normally do not excel.

So here I am, ready to learn new things, (something that I actually enjoy). I have seen the thing one materials already so I don't have a lot to add on that. However, I have not made a blog before so, PRIZES!, now I have done that too. And anyone who wants to follow along can. Who knows, I might even post a drawing or two, or go on a full blown rant. Those are always fun.